ANNO 1800 Pc Game REVIEW

ANNO 1800 Pc Game

ANNO 1800 Pc Game REVIEW Anno 1800 is one of a small community of games I want to name “blink and it’s 2 am playing.” For starters, you could sit down with the intention to set up the first steel mill in one evening. Then you sleep and it’s 2 am and somewhere you’ve created a New Planet colony. Instead, maybe you set the target of opening a new building to meet the next demographic plateau. Then you do this, and the house you open is a zoo where you can create individual enclosures to fill with animals of several dozen styles.

This is easily the most engrossing city-builder I’ve been playing since Cities: Skylines, one that mixes an interesting concept with some enjoyably nuanced supply chains and dynamics of business. It also has a abundance of houses to create, and energy to generate, enabling you to construct some pretty big urban sprawls.

Anno 1800 places you in the blazing core of the industrial revolution, in the hobnailed boots of an up-and-coming company magnate. There are three options to play, Game, Arcade and Sandbox. They’re almost essentially the same structurally— the program itself is a giant sandbox that includes a series of tasks to pursue.

ANNO 1800 Pc Game

You start in charge of a Western-European island with nothing but a trading post to your credit, no matter how you want to play. Your first objective is to create a simple farming village which will serve as the base for your community. Your ambition is to build a thriving metropolis from here that will spread its tendrils to the horizon and beyond in ocean of games.

Anno 1800 is a straight forward city-builder in its early stages. Development is focused on two things— population increase and satisfying the people ‘ expectations and desires. Every person’s “class” has specific set of criteria you need to follow. For eg, farmers literally need to subsist on clothes and fish. But you need to ply them with alcohol, to make them satisfied. You would need acres of potato fields that can be refined into schnapps, whilst ensuring that all farmers are within a pub’s stunning reach.

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